Francis Collie    aka    Fran6co   -   France
Initiated to Tracking by his Grandpa' as a little kid, then (much later) certified through CyberTracker evaluation program, Francis founded Tracking association Je Suis La Piste in 2014 in Périgord (S-W France) to share his life-long passion through Tracking workshops, games, books, pedagogic material, collaborative help-platform, intervention-group, France Pistage co-foundation, connexions with Australian Aboriginal artists... His latest creation is Upon a Track, implicating worldwide Trackers' community !
Stories :  Francis is the Scribe of all the wild Stories you are about to read... and also the Tracker for several of them : Alarms, Hunting Sunday, Bad Luck, On Air, Eternity.
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Goompi Ugerabah   -   Australia
Born on Kombumerri tribal land (NSW, Australia) from GurrengGurreng and GubbiGubbi tribal descendents, Goompi is a Songman, Dancer, renowned Aboriginal artist, all round Culture man, teacher and knowledge holder.  He is the painter of the awesome Songlines artwork used as background on this website : "Men tracking Animals Dreaming".
Story : Songlines.
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Périgord Pistage   -   France
Trackers' intervention group based in Dordogne ("Périgord", South-West of France), initiated by the association Je Suis La Piste to give back to Tracking its social utility.  The group monitors the return of the Wolf in coordination with local Sheep farmers, the return of the Otter, makes Wildlife surveys and helps with prehistoric ichnology.
StoryStanding ground 
Périgord Pistage  -

Casey McFarland   -   USA
Casey is a Senior Tracker and Evaluator for the international  CyberTracker program.  He is based in Northern Utah, USA.  Author of many books on Tracking, he is a reference worldwide.
Story : Ridge Line.
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Jones Mwakima   -   Kenya
Jones (pronounced "Jonas") lives in Kenya and protects his village from Elephants raiding the crop fields ... and sometimes the village itself !  His job requires both great Tracking skills and ingenuity to scare those giants away !
Story :  Outta the way.

Ángel Javier España Báez   -   Spain
Environmental educator, biologist and teacher.
He has more than 20 years of experience in tracking and has participated in different scientific studies on the Iberian Wolf, Iberian Lynx, wild Cat, small carnivores, etc.
He is also the author of 3 books on Tracking, in Spanish.
Ángel currently combines his work as a teacher with various studies on carnivores in Spain.
Story : Second thoughts.
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René Nauta   -   Holland
As a little kid, René wanted to be an Indian... and he grew up achieving his dream !  Based in Netherlands, his wife Beke and him run Extra Bushcraft since 1997, teaching all sorts of amazing and useful skills, including Tracking (obviously).  René is one of the very few European evaluators in the CyberTracker - Track & Sign scheme.
Story   Woosh
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Bob Cowley   -   England
Bob is a "think outside the box" type of person. His curiosity to understand the natural world has led him to an enthusiastic study of track and sign, and he is equally passionate about sharing this skill with others. Assessed at Level 3 via the CyberTracker evaluation program, Bob now leads Track & Sign courses for the UK Mammal Society.

Søren Decraene   -   Sweden
Passionate about nature photography/filming and animal tracking (CT :  level 4 T&S and level 2 Trailing), Søren moved from Belgium to Sweden in 2021.  He uses the knowledge from tracking to get close to the animals he wants to photograph and works as a zoo- and wildlife veterinarian in Kolmården Zoo.
StoryWhite shadow

Melody Belgerby   -   France
After several years in Kenya & Zimbabwe as an ethnologist working on human-wildlife conflict issues, Melody is running Les Troglodytes Mignons, an eco-project in Dordogne (S-W France).  She has also joined Je Suis La Piste as a Tracking animator, and Périgord Pistage as an active Tracker.
StoryMay day.
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Juju Lasouris   -   France
Former riding instructor, Juliette set up an equestrian center and an educational farm in 2011.  She is now a Nature animator, taking children on the beautiful landscapes of Dévoluy (French Alps), as well as a shepherdess and a Tracking enthusiast !  She is a moderator for Pistes, the French FaceBook support group for identification and interpretation of tracks.
Story :  Peekaboo
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Louis Hamelin   -   Georgia
Owner of the amazing site of La Madeleine (Dordogne, S-W France) that gave its name to the most renowned period of pre-History (Magdalenian, when Humans lived along with wooly Mammoths), Louis understands the importance of Tracking in Human evolution and highlights it in the "old days' village" on site.
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Jean-Michel Menardo    -   France
Talented woodcrafter and passionate bowyer and archer, J-M is relatively new to Tracking... but he is learning fast, and his keen eyes make him discover the most surprising signs in his part of Dordogne (S-W France).

Vadim Sidorovich   -   Belarus
Doctor of Biology since 1982, and author of many studies and books, Vadim is now a free lance zoologist set in Belarus Naliboki forest.  There, his wife and himself study the biggest European predators : Wolf, Lynx and Bear !.
StoryI have a Dream.
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Andrew Ucles   -   Botswana
This crazy Australian spent his life trying to catch animals with his bare-hands !  Starting small, he's now travelling the world to catch the toughest, smartest and most dangerous of them all !
StoryButterfly effect
Ucles Wild Tours

Kate Darling   -   Canada
Originally from Victoria, British Columbia (Canada), Kate worked in public health in Nunavut, Canada’s newest territory, from 2009 to 2019 and resided in the capital Iqaluit (which means place of many fish in Inuktitut).
StoryGift packs.
Inuit culture resource website

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